3 key benefits of link building for your brand

04 August 2021 Veruska Ortega
3 key benefits of link building for your brand

Link building is an SEO positioning technique that is based on building links to a website in order to achieve a better position in Google’s results ranking. This increases the visibility and authority of our brand, as long as the links are of quality and are related to the theme and content of our website.

In this post, we will mention the benefits of link building and the advantages it offers to your business if you implement it in your SEO strategy.

Benefits of link building

Improve the positioning of your website

Link building is one of the factors that Google takes into account to give a positioning to each of the existing websites. Therefore, obtaining links embedded in quality external websites will help, improve and increase the visibility and positioning of your website.

Attract quality traffic

All the traffic we receive from those links inserted in external websites will come from a site related to our activity. Thus, users will show interest in our content and the possibility of establishing a lasting relationship with them will increase.
Thanks to the establishment of quality contacts we will improve our sales and the conversions of our website will increase.

Boost your brand image

When a website links to our site, it is recommending our platform. Thus, a user will trust more in those websites recommended by brands they already know than in those businesses that do not have references, thus reinforcing the brand image. In addition, all sites that achieve a good position in Google’s results will be better positioned in the minds of users.


As we have seen, link building is really important to improve our SEO positioning and, thus, improve the visibility of our website, get more quality traffic, enhance our brand image and establish valuable relationships with other companies.

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