Aluminum or Wooden: Which Window Frame Is Efficient

Aluminum or Wooden: Which Window Frame Is Efficient

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The aluminium and wooden materials are well-known to people. These two components are used for making and designing furniture pieces. However, in terms of energy efficiency, you should prioritize wood which is a bad conductor to transfer heat. If you need more information, tips and qualitative content to buy aluminium/wooden windows, you need to visit

Aluminium VS Wooden Windows

The lightweight aluminium windows are cheap but durable. You will save maintenance costs by choosing high-quality aluminium frames. On the other hand, wooden panels exist longer without eroding. It has firmness and proper heat management. During the winter season, your room should be warm and cosy. The aluminium frames release heat quickly compared to the wooden structure. The energy is stored by the oak wood which keeps room temperature high to make you comfy at wintry night. It does not have toxins/gas to contaminate the indoor environment.


Timber Is Eco-friendly

Natural timber is eco-forward. The health of your child will not be affected by the wood. It is also renewable and repairable. The damaged portion of the wood window frames can be replaced. Re-engineered timber made window panels have no pores and dents. So, save energy and cut expenses to maintain wooden window frames over the aluminium.

Aluminum Erodes Fast

The cons of aluminium are the exposure to deep corrosion. The rainwater gets stuck to sit on the joints of the frames to form the leakage. The single porous texture of the aluminium window is hard to repair.

Energy-efficient timber made windows are great tools to improve the resistance to cold. In that case, aluminium is not a solution. It does not hold the heat. The double glazing window panels have gaps to generate heat. Often these double or triple panel pockets are filled with argon gas to accelerate R-value with a balanced U factor.