Windows, Get to Know Them!

16 August 2021 Taushif Hayder
Windows, Get to Know Them!

Windows have been an essential part of our houses ever since the ancient Greek period till now, the modern era. Windows let in the natural light that surrounds our environment and they also allow your house to be well ventilated. They have become a crucial part in modern architecture as well, bringing a certain style to your house while complimenting every other aspect of your house and bringing them together. Let’s have a look at different types of windows and the importance of windows in general.


Why are they important?

Most people would not think twice about windows. Apart from style, windows play quite an essential role in your house. They provide ventilation in your house, they let air in and out so that your house can breathe. Windows provide a lot of natural sunlight, this makes your home livelier and also saves you on electricity costs during the day, since most light during the day comes from the sun, you won’t have to flick on a switch. They also provide visual appeal, in a quiet aesthetic way. Not only for
visuals, if you install high quality windows, the resell value increases.


Types of windows


Just like all things have their variations, so do windows. Each window has their own sense of style and gives your home a personality of its own. Let’s have a look at a few types.

 Double-hung windows: These windows have two sashes that slide up and down in its frame, they can open from either side. They are encased in a frame so that they cannot extend outside of your house.

 Casement windows: They have hinges on them which helps them open to either left or right, outward of the house.

 Picture windows: These windows cannot be opened; they allow the maximum amount of light and a view of the outdoor.


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